Lessons to be Learned

Submissive WhoreThe word has gotten out that I am a submissive whore.

The entire town knows that my young wet cunt is open for fucking anytime, anywhere.

All a man has to do is tell me to get on my knees and swallow his  throbbing meat or bend over and take his massive cock, balls deep in my tight shaved pussy and I do it willingly!

It is not because I am easy. It is because I know my place as a woman is to serve a man and that means all his wishes are my command!

And if I fail…I get the treatment I received last night!

I was lucky enough to be giving head to a hot guy with a scrumptious 9 inch cock! It was so delicious that I got carried away licking and sucking his bulging meat and devouring every inch!

Before I knew it, he had dumped a huge load of hot and creamy dick spit in my mouth!

Of course I loved it but that cock was soooo perfect, I wanted to feel it deep inside my tight cunt!

I should have known better because at that point he tied my wrists and ankles to a spreader bar, gagged my big mouth and strapped me to a fucking machine that drilled my cunt long and deep!!

I was getting pounded so hard, my head was popping like a pez dispenser!

He explained that it was not his job to serve me and I needed to learn my place!

It was hours before he came back and my once tight pussy was swollen, sore and burning red!

But nothing could have prepared me for what he did next!

(to be continued)


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