Little Subby Fucktoy

Submissive Whore

This naughty slave keeps getting into trouble! I am so sorry Master! I know I promised not to cum without your permission, but it just felt so fucking good! I slid off my panties and grabbed my toy and I just could not stop! Oh, Master please punish me with your cock. I promise to be a good girl and beg for my punishment. Please fuck me, Master. Fuck me like you fucking hate me. Destroy my cunt with your monster cock and I promise to never cum without permission again. You take out your hard cock and hover over my tied-up, naked body. My legs are spread wide and you slap my pussy with your cock, making me jump. Then you start to spank my pussy until I am begging and screaming. I plead with you to stop before you shut me up with your cock shoved deep into my pussy!

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