Make Me Your Disposable Subby

Bondage WhoreI do put myself out there as a disposable subby and I know to many that would be a disgrace to this lifestyle. I am such a whore for it and I just can’t help myself. I got called over for this party with about 5 men and I was going to have to serve them and be a fuck toy if they wanted, sounded simple enough. I got to the adresse and I was greeted by this man and he told me to come on in and right away demanded I get naked. He told me I was going to be a server to his buddies for this sporting game they were watching. I got naked and he came over to me with a spreader bar and put the 2 cuffs around my ankles, this spreader bar had a little give with the chain coming down so I could walk. I got their drinks and they all had their dicks out stroking while watching me struggle. The first guy put my mouth on his dick and was playing with my ass and pussy and I could feel more guys coming up to me. I soon had 2 dicks and one in my ass and 2 in my pussy they were fucking me with this bar on and it was uncomfortable but I was in Heaven when they were ready to come they pulled out and squirted on my face and tits.

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