Man Cave

Bondage phone sexHe told me He wanted some friends over and I was to make sure that I had everything prepared for Them.  I made sure the house was spotless, up to His standards, I also made sure that there were enough drinks, and food.  He toured His house to check over everything.  When He was done He came to me to say that He was well pleased.  I smiled.

His guests arrived and I was dressed in the clothing and shoes that He had provided for me. I welcomed each Man who walked through the door, taking Their coats, then leading Them downstairs to the Man Cave to watch the footballs games.  After All were situated, I made my way around the room, taking drink orders.  I could tell that All were looking at me, watching me.  I took care of everything.  I served them the food that I had lovingly prepared. All was going splendidly, until I dropped a tray of food in the kitchen.  I cleaned it up, then restocked the tray and made my way back downstairs.

When I entered the downstairs the game was off.  All were looking at me and He was standing up.  I knew right away that He knew that I had dropped the tray.  I wasn’t sure how though since the Kitchen was on the other side of the house.  I didn’t break anything, it just dropped.  He told me to put the tray down.  I became nervous.  He gestured for me to approach Him. 

Before I knew what was happening He had lifted my dress over my ass, pushed me over His lap, and started to paddle me.  He was using the new paddle He had made.  It was a dull thud against my backside, but it hurt none-the-less. I was trying not to cry at the pure humiliation of it all.  He was scolding me as if I were much younger.  The Other’s were encouraging Him, telling Him to give me more swats so that I could learn my lesson.

When He was through, He thought it best that I be tied to the post in a stress position until the game that was playing was over.  He tied me tightly, not speaking to me as he did so.  The rope bit into my skin, I would have marks that would be need to be covered at the office.  He turned the game back on and They all watched without so much as giving me a second glance.

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