Countdown to the New Year

nbondage chatBondage chat is pretty much how my master pens all the insidious thoughts that come thru his mind. He thinks out loud all the things he wants to do to me. I knew the New Year’s celebration would involve me getting plowed by all his friends. On the countdown for when the ball drops they were going to rip off my nipple clamps and fuck me with a huge spiked butt plug. I was going to go into the new year with a torn up asshole.

I was gagged up and not even lubed up for their torture. They loved that I was going to drop on that anal plug right as the clock strikes twelve. I could hear the anticipation in their voices. The count down was begging and with each second that went by I was growing worried. My toes were curling up as I was getting my back and ass whipped. I was practically bleeding. That pain was nothing compared to was my ass was going to endure. Once the ball dropped so did I. My asshole right on that spiked anal plug. I could feel my ass prolapse. The giggles filled my cries. I was starting the New Year how I deserve.

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