Marionette Fuck Puppet

Submissive phone sex

Master took me to the theatre yesterday, I was wondering what we’d watch and when I asked, Master told me that I’m the show today! I was so confused until he took me onto the stage and stripped me down naked. All eyes were on me. I gasped at the sight of the ropes that were dangling from the rafters. Master called in his assistants who helped him lift me up and tie to the ropes like a marionette.

Master stepped back to admire his submissive whore and dubbed me the crowd’s fuck puppet. He used my throat and stuffed my cunt like a useless marionette. Master called up the audience to use and abuse my naked fuck puppet body and one by one they all clamored up for a shot at my cunt. The women climbed up on the ropes and sat their pussies and asses on my open mouth. And rode my face while the men shoved their rock-hard cocks in my holes. They manipulated the ropes to have me pose for them.

I was left dripping cum from all my holes and master left me dangling from the ceiling all night.

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