Mark me, Master?

Bondage and submissionMaster has been working me so hard again, and I’m so glad! A true submissive whore glorifies in serving and obeying her master’s every whim!

I was hopping around the house, all tied up, with a little milk dripping from my huge, tied, lactating tits when he came home. He untied my feet and legs, and removed my panties oh so gently. My cunt always gets so fucking wet when I see master, but it’s not time yet, I haven’t earned my pussy being played with yet.

Master has me squat and piss as he usually does, but this time he had me shit, too. That was new to me. He ordered me to clean up the mess immediately. I started to bend back to reach down, and he slapped me hard across my chest, bruising my big, beautiful tit. I love when master marks me. They are my badges of honor!

Once I had done so to his satisfaction, I earned the rest of my body’s freedom from the ropes. Master had me pump my breast milk, he says it’s so very valuable, and loves watching the pump work at my nipples. Once my titties are nice and dry, master popped one suction cup off, and placed it over my horny clit. Then, he inserted my biggest dildo so far into me it hurt so sweetly, and I came so very hard. Oh, but I hadn’t had permission to! Master wasted no time bending me over and spanking my ass and pussy lips hard, leaving marks deeper and deeper, till I begged him to let me orgasm.

Oh but not yet. Not. Quite. Yet.

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