submissive whore

I am your filthy slutty whore and I’ll do anything my master tells me to. It turns me on following your commands please master will you own my tight pussy its so fucking wet for you just finally put your big thick dick inside of me. I can’t wait any longer !your so mean to me master but ill do anything you want. You just love making me wait. You love seeing my pussy twitch as you whip me watching me drip cum for you. You can hear my cum splash on the floor.  I bet you can even smell how sweat I taste.  ill be so good for you master please reward me .tie me up and fuck the hell out of me. whip me and abuse me. ill let you go in my ass master you know it hurts when you go in dry but you can’t help but pound my tight little asshole. I fucking love the pain you give me just tell me what you desire ill do it all. I love to give my master pleasure. I love that twisted look on your face when you own my body.

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