Master Owns My Sweet Girls!

Submissive Sex

My girls are getting the best full submissive training that I ever could have imagined! When I finally offered Master my oldest daughter’s cunt he was delighted, I’d never seen him so kind to me it was almost unsettling. Master wore Alyssa’s tight little cunt out that first night after x-mas, then he proceeded to begin teaching her how to be a useful submissive. I couldn’t help but watch in admiration as he spanked her and tied her up, my cunt throbbed seeing my little girl so vulnerable and sexy with her cunt swollen form taking Master’s cock. My youngest, Amy was a little scared because Alyssa cried when Master took her cherries, I soothed her by licking her cunt gently and reminding her that it is an honor to be used by Master’s cock.

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