Master shares me with BBC

Cock worshipingBeing such an abused little cock worshiping submissive cum slut has it’s perks, I get to try out all sorts of dicks and endure the wild and crazy shit that they want to do with me. Getting bound and fucked hard is already a lot for my body to take, let alone when it’s done by a huge, big black cock! Master decided that he wanted to whore me out to one of his tall, dark and handsome black friends, and best believe he has a monster BBC! I’m such a stupid ass cum swallowing whore and Master’s friend is full of lots of fresh jizz, eager to fill me the fuck up like I deserve to be filled. Throating that BBC balls deep was such a sensation, my oxygen supply was cut off and I was gagging and gasping for air as he skull-fucked me hard and deep. He bent me over like a filthy animal and pounded my tight asshole from behind, slapping his balls against my cheeks and making my booty clap while he thrusted as fast as he could. I’ve never been more destroyed and ripped the fuck open, my ass juices and blood were smeared all over me. That’s what happens when a black cock slut worships a pulsating BBC!

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