submissive whore

Payback, my boss, wanted payback after all the torture he brought to me the other day he wasn’t finished. He had something up his sleeve. He tried to bring a helper this time. The same thing happened today, He sent me a text, and I immediately stopped what I was doing and made it into his office. To my surprise, I saw he had another girl there. She was a young blonde, and she looked disheveled and nervous. He was going to have fun with both of us tonight he let us know.


He immediately started to bark orders; We did everything he asked, there was an array of toys and rope and gag balls on the ottoman, He came to us and clamped us and handed us a paddle that said slut. He told us a submissive whore will get put in her place always. Today I have two of you bitches. He made us gag each other and started to make us put pins on our tits, He was erect and stroking off. After hours of torture, he made us come close to his cock and service it till we couldn’t breathe no more. He started to choke us one at a time until he was satisfied. He kicked us out and told us he would be seeing us real soon.

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