Master’s Bitch

submissive phone sex

Master loves when I service him like a bitch in heat. My hunger for Master’s seed is purely carnal. Master has been training me brutally for the longest time. It was my destiny to eventually become his prized breeding bitch. Like the foul piggy whore that I am, I have craved Master’s semen in my trembling cunt for ages. Thankfully, my time has finally come to become the ultimate subby whore and breed my Master’s whore spawn. It is my turn to becoming a breeding bitch for master to whip into making the perfect cock sucking, slave army for him. I am tasked to breed the next generation of cock worshipping little sluts for daddy master, perfect little subservient fuck toys to worship his cock every day of their little pathetic lives. It is such an honor to be gagged and bound to master’s breeding bench with my raw cunt propped and prepared for master to pump full of his seed.

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