Master’s Fuck Slave

Gangbang Phone Sex

Master found me at a party. He knew I would be his good whore if tamed properly. He took me back to his home, fucking me hard all night long, claiming my pussy. With each thrust, he snarled that this was his property, and I was his to do with as he sees fit. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was! It stretched my tight hole, making me wince. He fucked me more times than I could count, each time dropping a fat load inside me. He said it was to mark his property before sharing with anyone else. Calling up three of his friends, they all showed up quickly when they heard there was a dirty whore ready to take on all of them at once. All of them towered over me. They were so tall and strong, it was easy for them to throw me around like a rag doll, tossing me back and forth between cocks. Having four cocks was a lot to handle, but they had no mercy and took which ever part of me they wanted. I choked on one fuckstick while two others double stuffed me. They then made me get down to the ground on my knees so they could blanket me in their cum. It was a teenage bukkake as they shot their loads all over my face and tits. I was a good skank for master!

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