Master’s Plan For My Girls

Submissive Slut

Master has been obsessed with force fucking my little girls right in front of me! Ever since master decided to pop my sweet angels cherries he has been using them nonstop in front of me while I’m tied up. It’s his favorite kind of torture for me witness my young girls turned into cum sluts, I can see that they will be nymphos now because they are starting to enjoy having his cock forced down their throats or into their little cunts. I’m ashamed to admit I’m dripping wet while he ruins their holes and makes me watch them get addicted to being abused. He even mentioned that he was going to start filming them and selling the videos for cash so they would be come bondage porn stars before they are even legal!

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    • Julian on May 16, 2022 at 5:07 pm
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    You are a natural sub whore, never have shame about that.

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