Master’s Subby Pain Sluts


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I love when they tell me to beg for it; force me to tell them how much I love to be forced, humiliated, and dominated. This week my master told me I would be doing a very important job for him. Of course I would do anything he wants me to do, so I happily arrived at my master’s boss’s house ready for anything his boss wanted to do to me. I was sure to get him a raise after this visit, I thought. I was surprised by another submissive whore already waiting by his side when he answered the door. He wasted no time practically dragging me downstairs, ripping off my outfit and ordering me to put on the outfit he had picked out for me. I looked over and she was wearing the same thing…I am a good submissive slut and I did everything he told me to do. Once exactly how he wanted me – he informed me that if I disobeyed him at all I was to expect a punishment far more painful than I could ever imagine. When he said this I saw the other slave cringe and I could see her swollen nipples from across the room. He looked over at her and ordered her to tell me what would happen to me if I was disobedient. I could tell this guy was serious about his hot desire to force fuck me. I was excited and scared, he had me bound arms apart and above my head, and he was making me suck his cock while the other slave worshipped him all over. He made me beg for it, and when I wasn’t loud enough he smacked me hard, telling me there was more pain if I wanted to be a stupid whore and not speak up. The other slave looked turned on, she started sucking his cock with me. We took it all, our pussy’s dripping with anticipation – I love an angry man, who knows he can do whatever he wants to me and hits me the moment he doesn’t get his way. I love the thrill, the pain and the punishment. It wasn’t long before he was ready to inflict more pain. He kept us on our knees making sure we told him that we are sluts who belong on our knees at all times. This is when he took out his whip, and made us count out loud every single lash, as he forced us to beg for more. And that isn’t even the start of my newest rape fantasy phone sex session…mmm.

Submissive Phone Sex

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