Me and My Nasty Uncle Nate

submissive whore

Nate started prodding at me when I was still a little wee-one, he said he couldn’t help himself he just had to have a taste of the freshly baked cookies. All my friends would my uncle Nate “Nasty Nate” and I knew exactly why. It started with his gross dirty fingers always in my panties feeling around for my wet tiny little fat pussy lips. Then one day when my nothing ass whore mom was gone with one of her stupid good for nothing boyfriends Nate and I were alone. This time Nate wasn’t looking for sweet fresh pussy lips, he was looking for naked ass and entry.

“Uncle Nate, what are you doing,” I cried out even I kind of liked it what he was doing to me taking my panties off and all. Uncle Nate got down on the floor and started licking my sweet little cunt like there was no tomorrow and I loved it. All of a sudden he came up for air and told me to ride his face like a pony when it feels good. I felt myself getting wetter as my nasty p-cock uncle said that to me. I sure do love my uncle and I started ridding his face like a brand new pony. Every since that time long ago I have been longing and doing the most sexual this with Nasty Nate. I’m the dirtiest one you’ll ever meet and I love it.

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