Melt in your mouth

cum eating phone sex

Do you remember the M&M’s motto about melting in your mouth and not in your hand? Well that’s my motto as well when it comes to cum eating phone sex. I would rather you explode my mouth rather than my hand. That doesn’t mean that I won’t use my hand to help you explode however. I like to feel when you tickle my tonsils with your man meat and coat my throat with a helping of your personal protein shake. My favorite flavor is you. There is something about the sticky sweetness that comes from in your pants when you are waiting to be sucked in and down. My man has a serious sweet tooth and his cum is like candy to me. He will take a hold of my head and use it as his own pocket pussy until he has sent everything he can down into my stomach. I will help him morning, noon and night and any other time that I can get my hands and mouth on that swizzle stick, in fact I am craving some cum now- wanna cum help? 

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