Midnight Kidnapping

extreme bondage

It’s the middle of the night and I wake to you grabbing me out of bed, stripping my nighty off of me and throwing me over your shoulder, where you then toss me into the trunk of your car and bind me up with duct tape.

‘Where are you taking me’ I struggle to mumble as you tape my mouth shut. ‘Shut up, slut’ you reply. ‘You’ll know when we get there’.

Sure enough I do know when we get there because this isn’t the first time you’ve taken me to this underground sex chambers. It’s a very exclusive, secret place for those of this lifestyle to express themselves freely.

I’m both excited and afraid because I remember the last time quite well. I was sore for a week after that. You even told me that the next time wasn’t going to be as easy.

When we pull up I’m greeted by two very tall, well built men who aggressively grab me from your trunk to bring me into our own personal chamber where my shackles away me. The room is filled with all sorts of sexual torture devices and I can see that sinister look in your eyes. You are ready to punish me.


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