Tied Up and Used

submissive slut

He told me to meet him in room 409 at the Marriott while I was there in Vegas a few weeks back. He’s somebody I’d seen on a number of occasions before and we had established a pretty trusting S&M sexual relationship.

When I walked into the room, there he stood with two fellow colleagues of his. Lying there on the bed was quite a bit of rope and he’d said, ‘This is all you’ll be wearing for me, tonight.’  

I eagerly undressed because as you very well know by now, I am the ultimate rope bunny.

He began to tie me up as he said ‘Tonight we’ll be feeding you loads of cum because you’ve been such a good slut and you’ve finally earned this reward.

He also said that he had another surprise for me, which he later revealed after I was completely bound and tied as I laid there at his mercy.

He said that his two colleagues weren’t the only ones who would be using me up that night, but that he was expecting 15 more men to show up.


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