Mistaken Identity

Bondage phone sexHow do you tell when the Man you are seeing is actually married even though he said he was divorced? By getting taken because he owes money to someone and they think you are his wife!  What a bastard!  All I was doing was walking away from our Coffee Date.  Then, bam!  Right into a car!  These guys kept telling me they wouldn’t let me go until you made good on the money you owed them.  I kept trying to tell them that I wasn’t your wife.  Guess what? They showed me pictures of her and she looks almost like me! 

When they called you and told you that they had me, you fucking hung up!  Do you know what I had to fucking go through because you didn’t have the balls to step up? You are nothing but a pussy, and here I thought you were that strong, Dominant Man I had been searching for.  I should of just stuck with what I have.  I will never make that mistake again.  I contacted you with permission from my Sir.  He told me to gain experience so he was all for it. 

I talked them into calling my Sir, who promptly came to my rescue.  That’s right, he paid for my release, however, you aren’t off the hook.  Not in the least.  My Sir had a very long conversation with the lead guy, and now they are really coming for you.  I gave them all the information I had on you, where you work, all your phone numbers, what your vehicles look like, what hours you work, were you go after work.  They know it all asshole!  I hope they tear your ass up, literally!

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