Monster Boyfriend

submissive whoreYou could hear the blood-curdling screams coming from me. My neighbor turned out to be a man who was indeed a beast. He ended up seducing me. I thought this man was some kind of Cassanova. I could see my future with him and began to get all giddy and excited. It’s a shame to know in reality that he was a monster. My whole body was his playground, and he turned it into some torture fun for himself. All I wanted was to see where things would go, but I was going to be his slave whore in his mind. At first, when we began dating and fooling around, he was so gentle and sweet. Before I knew it, he was strangling me and pushing me around. I started to get whipped by him and choked. My body couldn’t take it, but I began to get dripping wet at the very same time. My cunt wanted the abuse, and that is what I ended up manifesting. It was all about him and all his wishes. If he wanted to fuck my ass till it bled, he would get that and so much more. It was all for his satisfaction. I had to listen.

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