Slave Training a Submissive

slave trainingEvery now and then I get to assist in the slave training of another sub. My master is not replacing me or adding another submissive to our family. He is part of a club. This club is for old rich guys who have submissives. One of the club members goes through subs quickly. He is not a nice man. I was in his charge for 8 hours once and it was the worse 8 hours of my life. He has a few subs at any one time and part of what he likes is for his subs to play together. This new sub was pretty adamant that she did not worship women. He asked my master what he should do, and he suggested that he let his submissive whore train her. I looked at it as an honor if I did not have to interact with her new master much. She was a pretty thing. Lifetime submissive like me but needed breaking into the wishes of her new master. He acquired her in a poker game. This was not for an hour or two. This was for life. My Master has assured me he would never bet me for life because he would be lost without me. I felt for this girl I was training because life was not going to be good for her. I may have told he to just do as she was told and never tell him no because he scares even me. I also may have told her that girl on girl action would be the best thing he would make her do. I taught her to toss my salad and eat and finger my cunt. I even showed her some sexy wrestling moves that guys love to see two women do. I like training women to be submissive sex slaves like me. I also like preparing them for how to survive. Some masters would like to pit two submissives against each other, but I will always have another sub’s back.

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