More Slave Training

slave trainingMy boss is my master. Friday, I was late to work by 5 minutes. That pissed him off. He decided I needed re-schooled. He hired a younger guy to give me some slave training. It was no training. It was just punishment. Painful punishment. My master is no spring chicken. In fact, he has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. I am loyal to him because he has been my master for decades. He has taken good care of me financially and even has provisions in his will for me and my offspring. I can’t afford to fuck things up now with being late or complaining about my punishment. This guy he hired was sadistic as fuck too. My master is not unusually cruel. He rules with an iron fist, but has never disfigured me or put me in the hospital. He is an old school master. This new generation of women hating men scare me because they don’t respect the master and servant relationship; they just want to do serious harm to a woman. Permanent harm. He tied my boobs up so tight they turned blue and purple. Master was rock hard and touching himself. My punishment didn’t seem too bad until my surrogate master started punching¬† my boobs like he was Mike Tyson. He was Mike Tyson. Not only did he punch them hard, he bit my left nipple off. When I screamed in pain, he looked at my boss and said, “It tastes like chicken.” Master started to come to my aid, but this young guy told him to back off, I was his bitch at the moment. He suggested Master has been too soft with his submissive whore over the years. He yelled at my master for making me weak then punched my tits so hard a saline bag burst. I had to work several hours with a fucked up boob that caused me a lot of pain. I spent Friday night in the ER. First time my master has sent me to the ER. Things are changing and I am scared.

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