Mr. Evil Eyes

submissive whore robynThe pure evil was shooting from his eyes. The mean was oozing out of his pours. Just his presence made my pussy wet and my body shook with fear.
I tried not to let it show that he was exciting me more then intimidating me because I knew what would happen and that is when I felt the first solid smack across my face. My head snapped back and my face stung from where his hand connected with my flesh.
Involuntarily my cunt let out a stream of cum as it twitched with desire,
As soon as he noticed the wet spot he spit in my face and threw me to the floor kicking me in the ribs. Despite the searing pain my pussy began to pump more cum, further angering him.
the more he beat me the more I came and the more enraged he became.
I thought he would beat me to death, but after a time he got tired and fell into a drunken sleep after cumming and pissing all over my battered body.
As I lay there half conscience I came again before drifting into a darkness of my own.

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