My Cunt Got Wet When He Wanted To Include My Lovie

Submissive WhoreI like to think that I am a good mother but there is something evil inside me. Something that is so dark that when my master asked if we could include my darling love I did not even hesitate to say yes. As I sat there saying yes, my pussy immediately got so wet that I knew I would have to change my panties. He knew I would submit to his wishes but just my uttering of the words made his dick immediately visible in his pants. He told me I was a good girl and as his way of appreciation he stripped me down and bent me over his knee. He smacked my ass with his bare hand about ten times and then he stuck his fingers inside my wet cunt and continued spanking until he felt my cunt tighten as he brought me to orgasm. He then stuck that finger in my mouth and had me suck off my pussy juices. And now it was his turn, he pushed me to the floor, grabbed my hair, opened my mouth and rammed his dick deep in my throat. He was relentless and rough, just like I like it. After shooting his load in my mouth he lifted me by my hair, handed me a Benadryl and a glass of water and nodded. I knew what he wanted and obediently went to my daughters’ room and handed her the pill and water and tucked her in bed. I looked at her sweet face and my cunt started to get warm and wet just thinking about what the night ahead would entail. Would you like to know? Just give me a call and I will tell you all about it.

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