Submissive Sex Slave on and off the Phone

submissive sex

Submissive sex hit a new level with me yesterday. I am almost fearful to say anything because I do not want to give my phone masters any cruel ideas for punishing me. Master C made it known from the get-go that he was a sick master and I was nothing more than a dumb cunt here to amuse him. He told me that I had never met another phone master like him, and he was correct. First up, was jumping up and down so fast that my tits smacked my face. I tried explaining that my boobs are fake and do not bounce like that. He did not want excuses. He wanted what he asked for. I had to run in place a little hunched over so my boobs would make a sound against my flesh and please him. It was hard to hold the phone. I was too afraid to drop it. I tried speaking and he told me to shut the fuck up. When he told me to stop, I sighed in relief. That relief was short lived because he had more in store for me. I had to spin around the room fast. I am not Wonder Woman changing outfits. I got dizzy fast. I stumbled, fell and he was not happy. After that I had to pant like a dog. Like the dog I am. Again, I got dizzy and almost passed out. I felt nauseated too. After the call, I fell on the floor. My daughter rushed up to see what was wrong. She does not have much use for me. When I told her about my caller, she laughed at me. Told me I brought it on myself and did not deserve pity. She made me eat her cunt. She pissed in my face and then grabbed my strap-on I use for my submissive whore girlfriend and fucked both my holes. I thought it could not get worse than my caller, but my daughter is a natural mean master.

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