My Home Invasion Fantasy!

Submissive Phone Sex

I crave complete domination in every way possible! One of my deepest longings is to be force fucked by a stranger in a home invasion. I want to wake up tied up next to my daughters, all of us completely naked. I want so badly to be forced to take a cock while my young daughters watch me get violated over and over. Then when I’ve been cum dumped by the thugs I want them to fuck my young daughters violently while I watch helplessly. I want to hear their screams turn into moans of pleasure as they get turned into cum dumpsters just like their submissive mommy. I want to witness their little pussies squirt all over those cocks as they get fucked and forced into submission just like I was at their age. Yes a home invasion rape fantasy is exactly what will turn my girls into submissive whores just like me!

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