My Mistake Was Ignoring Master

Extreme BondageI have been extremely busy and I have been ignoring my master and that would prove to be not the thing to do. I agreed to meet him at a friends house, I figure I owe him that much. I am usually more obedient and this is so out of my character. When I arrived they stripped me naked and carried me down to the basement which had plant lights and a dirty old mattress. Master was pissed at me and he told me I would never ignore him again. They threw me down on that nasty piece of bedding they call a mattress. He got some rope out and starting tying my hands behind my back and then making my legs stay apart in a triangle. He then roped it so tight around my breasts they were turning purple and hurting, he was slapping them and I was not to scream. I tried to scream his friend shoved his dick in my mouth, my tits were going numb. With my legs spread wide I wasn’t even turned on he just shoved his hand up my vagina and I could feel a tear and he was fucking me really hard all the way up to his elbow. Tears were flowing out of my eyes and his friend came in my mouth and then master flipped me over with my legs still in a triangle and fucked my ass with no lube.

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