My Mom Can Take It

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Whenever I’m pleasing a master who demands that I provide another twat for him to torment alongside of mine, I hit my mom up so she can join in on the 2 girl torture fuck fest.  She loves to be treated like a worthless whore as much as I do, we come from a long line of super submissive sluts so it’s in our blood to be the best little beset bitches any master has ever seen.  When you get the two of us together there’s no dom on earth that we can’t drain, no matter how much of our flesh they have to mutilate to get their rocks off.

I took her to my newest master’s manor of submission so he could show her all of his twisted tools and devilish devices.  He didn’t disappoint, giving her the complete tour of every last one of the racks, cages and tables he designed himself specifically for his punishment-filled pleasure.  I wasn’t left out, he made certain I was refamiliarized with all of his gear, too, strapping both of us together so he could beat the shit out of me and mom at the same time.  

When he put us face to face on his favorite rack, a giant wooden X with uncomfortable metal shackles on it, mom was whimpering and gasping for breath but begging for more, so he gave it to us.  He threw both of us down on his plush fainting couch and started fucking the shit out of me.  My loving mommy propped my head up on her lap and popped one of her huge titties in my mouth so I had something to suck while I was being relentlessly pounded.  Once he made my cunt splatter out droplets of cum he bent mom over and pounded her tight asshole until she was squirting streams of hot mommy juice.

My mom knows how to handle an uber dominant master, she’s an old pro at submitting to the will of a horny hothead.  She also loves the bonding time that extreme bondage brings the two of us.


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