My parents disowned me

bdsm chat

You would never guess that I enjoy being told what to do by men. My holes belong to a dominant, powerful man. You would probably think I’m the girl who loves to rule every situation. Growing up, I always got what I wanted, and my parents spoiled me rotten. After all, Daddy loved having a little girl, but I would soon Rebel. All I wanted was to be treated like less than I am. It was pretty much the craving that I needed to be used, abused, and completely brainwashed.

The other side of town seemed much more my Vibe. It’s like I gravitated toward men who wanted to take from me.

BDSM chat is quite the topic of conversation whenever I start talking to someone from the other side. Of course, I got acquainted with a guy that wanted to use me.

He was very dominant and what I needed. All he wanted was to ruin me and to fuck into pimp me out. My parents disowned me because they didn’t like me being with anyone that’s not up to par with the caliber of what they wanted for me. Now I’m in the dungeon using.

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