Bare bottom spankings had me wanting more

Before my master went on his weekend trip he gave me Bare bottom spankings until he was ready to piss all over me. After he gave me a warm golden shower, he put me back in my cage and that is where I was going to stay until he got back. My master didn’t know that I had learned to pick the lock of my cage and get out. I want to get my holes fucked and used, master left me horny and i needed to cum. I rubbed on my cunt as I thought about how my master tied me up and spanked my ass and pussy. He doesn’t stop until my ass and cunty is sore. I get so wet when my master uses me but he never helps me cum. I am his worthless whore and I only deserve to be used. I got on Bondage phone sex so I could have a substitute master use me for the night. Right away he tied me up just like my master does. But he was different, he spread my ass cheeks open. Just like I needed he stuffed my asshole. He was nicer than my master. He rubbed on my clit and made sure to make me squirt. That is when he grabbed my neck and started squeezing hard. He used my asshole to jack his cock off and when he came he squeezed my neck so hard I passed out. When I woke up, I was untied, and he was gone. His number was deleted from my phone and It was time for me to get back in my cage before my master found out.

Bare bottom spankings

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