My Submissive Sex Life

submissive sexI was born for submissive sex. When I was a young schoolgirl, I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I had friends and I did well in school. I was a happy girl. What I did not yet know was that my mother was shielding me from my asshole daddy. One day, she left. Left us both for another life and never looked back. That day changed the course of my life forever because I became my father’s fuck toy that next day. He enslaved me. My youth was like a ripped from the headlines Lifetime movie. My father sodomized me daily. He thought fucking my ass would ensure I would not get knocked up. As I got older, he got increasingly paranoid that I was going to tell some one at school, so he kept me home. He cut me off from everyone else. No school. No friends. No doctors. In fact, he was so fearful I would runaway or go to the police, he would tie me to the bed for 10 hours a day while he was at work. Eventually, I got loose and ran away. I ran to New York City and married the first guy who was nice to me. His niceness was very short lived. He was just as awful if not worse than my father. On accident, I met my master and he saved me. Changed my life forever. I never became a nurse, but I did become a willing submissive slut and paralegal. I never married again and although I am still subservient, I have enjoyed my adult life with my master. Unlike my father, unlike my ex-husband, he has provided for me and has never beaten me or broke a bone. We have a master and servant relationship based on the BDSM principles. If you want a lifestyle sub, I am her.

submissive slut

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