My Toy Slave

Extreme fetish phone sex

I own you your my little toy I’m going to put you in a box. I want you to do everything that I tell you don’t ask me any questions, or you’re going to get punished. You’ve got to drain me lick my pussy and Rain my pussy good. I want you to slurp all over my hot wet cunt and make me feel good. I’m your owner, and you are my slave don’t worry about anything at all because they own you and you’re going to be my fucking slave babe. Do you know that you’re mine and I am your owner? If you do wrong, I’m going to punish you for sure, and I will fuck you with my strap-on because you’re such a hot bitch what you big ass tits I love your pussy, but I will make you eat mine all the fucking time. When I want to get you to fuck other guys, you will do it, and if you ask me questions, I’m going to make you pay. I want you to remember forever that you are my owner you must do whatever I tell you to without question. Do you have any slave do you fucking understand you no good nobody nothing slave?

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