Naomi needs Slave Training

Slave training

Watching you as I am bound to this bed makes my pussy drip with excitement. 

I am your slave, your subby whore. 

Do with me as you please.

Make me your toilet submissive whore. 

Turn me into your fuck toy. 

Every whole in my body is under your command. 

I will do as you say and beg you for more. 

Punish me for whining, punish me for not doing things the first time you tell me. 

Break me down and make me your worthless cunt.

Cock worshiping

I love it when you call me names like, Cum whore, Worthless cunt.

Belittle me and make me weak. 

I am a waste of life, but I want to worship you.

Make me crawl to you and beg for your touch.

I will worship your cock and balls like you are my god. 

My world revolves around you. 

Do what ever you need to do to be happy! 

I worship you and love every inch of you!



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