Tore Up

submissive-whore-robyn2I sat and watched while he fucked her pussy. I have to say that I dervived a great deal of pleasure this time. I don’t know who she is or what she did to him but he was fucking tearing her ass up. He wasn’t fucking her gently at all and it was making my pussy wet as fucking hell! I wanted to finger my cunt so bad. To ease the building ache from between my legs. He wouldn’t let me turn away. I warched him shoved her off the bed and onto all fours right in front of me, yanking her hair back roughly and coming away with a hand full of hair before ramming his cock in her ass hard and rough with no lube…..his face was red and yelling at her with all the anger he could mustar. By the time he decides to toss her aside and takes my fucking cunt, he will be a little more gentle, maybe.


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