Naughty Ursa craves the feel of Daddy’s hand!

Spanking chat

I know you crave a good little submissive whore, but I am a full on brat. Such a brat that I am going to instigate a naughty little Spanking chat. I am going to push all of your buttons on our paid chat. 

I need to test to see what kind of man you are. Are you man enough to tame this bratty little sub. I want to push you until you have no choice to grab me and bend me over your lap. Lift my little dress up exposing my pink little g- string hugging my cute little ass. Let’s see if you can make me squirm. 

Pull that hand all the way back and whack that ass. Make it count. I want to feel the sting from your hand long after it leaves my plump little backside. See I love to be spanked. This is nowhere near a punishment for me. You gave me exactly what I wanted all along

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