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Your Subbie Whore!

Submissive whore

Are you new to Domination and want to explore? I am your Submissive whore here to help. There are so many forms of BDSM and I am sure you have many questions. I can make this so much easier for you. Let me send you some S&M porn. 

Here is what I need from you. Go grab your lube, take off your pants and sit back and get comfy. I need you to have your phone and computer or tablet with you also. We are going to watch quite a few videos together. 

Let us explore everything from the hardcore Dom with paddles and canes, to soft core dom with edging and floggers. We are going to see what makes your cock throb and jump. Once I know exactly how you want me to submit to you I will be all yours. Please let me cater to your needs and desires. I will be a good girl for you.

Ursa and the Circle Jerk!

Bukkake phone sex

Circle Jerk And Me

I am such a dirty little cum dumpster. The idea of being the star in a Bukkakke phone sex call makes me cum right in my panties. 

I was hanging out with my four big black friends the other day and decided to instigate a circle jerk with me in the middle. I need you to picture this. Four dark skinned men all over 6 feet tall standing around me. The smallest cock in the bunch was 9 inches long. Watching them stroke their cocks made my mouth water. I wanted to taste those snicker bars so bad. 

Their big dicks smacked against my face as they jerked away. They smeared their precum on my lips every so often. God it tasted so good. I could tell that they were getting close to cumming. I opened my mouth and let them spray their hot heavy loads all over my face.

Ursa will milk your Cock!

Prostate milking Ursa

Ursa Milks You 

As a submissive little whore there is nothing I want more than to please you. Seriously, I know just how to do it. Just a little Prostate milking to drive you fucking wild. 

Do not worry if you are not up to having a toy or finger shoved into your tight little asshole. There is a way around that. See there is a very special spot just under your balls and I am going to teach you just how to use it. 

I am going to make you have the most intense orgasm that you have ever felt. So, go and grab some lube and if you are experienced with your toy and a headset because I need you to be hands free. Next, I need you to strip down, get very comfortable and grab your phone to call me. 

Once we are on the phone I want you to relax and let my voice walk you through to complete ecstasy. 

2 Submissive sluts are better than 1!

2 girl phone sex

Two Submissive Sluts

Tell me what is better than having a submissive whore at your beck and call? I know what is better, how about having 2 girl phone sex. 

See I have the perfect girl in mind. Another sexy sub that can not wait to get down on her knees next to me and worship you. Of course, I know what it is that makes you hot so I will tell her what you need. The only thing you will have to do is sit back, relax and let us serve you. 

Obviously, we will both be waiting for you naked and on our knees. Waiting for you to pull out your cock so we can be your dirty little cum dumpsters. Can you picture both of our mouths running up and down your cock. Licking from your balls to your head. Taking turns swallowing your balls and your head. Both of us are waiting for you to cover us in your load.

Master’s Favorite Dirty Slut!

Erotic submissive stories

So, I went out of town last week and just wait till you hear what happened to me. Man do I have a lot of hot Erotic submissive stories for you. 

I came to and opened my eyes. The room is pitch black and I realize I have no idea where I am. I attempt to roll over and the hard metal chains dig into my wrists. Suddenly, I hear noise from the far corner of the room. I try to ask what is happening and notice that my mouth is taped shut. It must be duct tape because I can not move my lips at all. 

A dark hooded figure appeared before me and he brought down an electric wand placing it right in between my legs. The shock runs through my body and I try to fight but the chains tighten the more I move. He shocked me again and again until l passed out again.

Ursa shares a naughty video with Master.

Submissive Whore

Master, do you like to watch porn? I am a Submissive whore and want to share this with you. Master I saw this great S&M video the other day. Do you mind if I show you Sir? It would really please me to show you. 

Let me share the link with you so we can watch it together Sir. I want to hear your breath quicken as you watch this slave get punished for being such a bad girl. You see, Dom gave her complete instructions and she did not listen. Now, she must be put in her place. 

Does watching that bad little slut suffer the consequences get you hard and excited? Do you need me to be a good girl and take care of that for you? Sir, I have a ton of videos that will help you get off while I do everything you say. Let me stimulate you visually with dirty smut while you bark commands at me. 

Ursa wants to try Shibari

Bondage whore

Ursa wants to try shibari

As a submissive Bitch there is always something that I wanted to try. I have yet to meet a Dom who is willing but I want to be your Bondage Whore. 

There is something super sexy about shibari rope play. Not only are the knots fucking hot, but the thought of having my whole body tied up and being at your disposal makes my twat happy. Seriously, I think I could cum just from sitting there while you wrap that rope around my body. That rough material digging and rubbing into my skin as you pull it tight to knot it. My pussy just creaming at every tug.

 Once you have tied me up you can put me however you want. Fucking any hole of mine that your cock desires. Naked, helpless and at your disposal. I want to be your dirty little cum rag. So, what are you waiting for Daddy make me your bitch!

Ursa gets punished!

Submissive Whore

Ursa gets punished!

Being your dirty Submissive Whore gives my life purpose. So, when you get mad and punish me not only do I understand it, but deep down I love it.

The other day I was sitting and thinking about how good it feels when I am on my knees waiting to serve my Master and my pussy got so wet. I know I am supposed to wait and be a good girl. The rules are not to rub my snatch without your permission but the more I fought it the harder my clit got. As soon as I flicked my little bean I cam fast and hard.

Of course, you showed up before I could change my panties and saw that they were soaking wet. I know you did not have a choice.You had to punish me. Grabbing my cheeks you spit right into my mouth before you slapped me. I needed to be reminded that my pussy is yours. So are my orgasms. I belong to you, without you I am worthless.

I was born to be your Whore!

Submissive slut

I was born to be your Whore.

I was born to be your Submissive slut. I dream of serving you and treating you like the king you are.

When is the last time you were worshipped?

When is the last time a woman has truly given herself to you, obeying your every whim and desire, Not questioning your orders simply submitting to your masculine demands?

I will polish master’s cock!

I will be the girl who greets you naked when you arrive home after a hard day at the office, I will wear my collar like a good little slave and have master’s dinner on the table. I will even polish your cock while you dine.

My Horny body belongs to you.

I will then offer up my willing body and submit to whatever kinky desires my master has that night. My eager whore holes will be lubed and ready to take and milk My master’s cock. I am your slave.

Masters little porno slut!

S&M porn

Master wanted a video.

Master decided to make me into his S&M porn star. He had it all planned out and said he loved watching all of my cum holes get stuffed.

Multi cock fuck fest.

5 men screwed my submissive brains out last night and Master recorded it all. My pussy aches just reminiscing about it. My titties still sting as my body remembers the slaps, clips and nibbles. My ass hole is gaping and will take a few days to go back to its old self as 2 large men double anal penetrated me while my mouth and Cunt were being used.

I am your submissive whore

I am a naughty submissive whore, put on earth to please you horny men. I am that slutty little cum dump that will eagerly drop to my knees as make master very happy. My talented mouth and trained pussy will milk your cock for hours as you use and abuse me. Master I am waiting.