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Slave training

Slave training


I hope you are dominant and that you are going to start some slave training with me today. I am a submissive whore, and I am yours to do with what you want. You don’t have to break me because I’ve already been broken. I am here and at my most vulnerable moment. I will bow down before you, on my knees, with my head down and I’ll be yours for the taking.

                Take me by the wrists, over to the table on the wall. Spread my legs wide and attach them by the straps and lift my arms high above my head and strap them tightly. Blindfold me so I don’t see what’s coming next. I’m tied up naked and helpless before you. I can’t wait to feel my punishments.

                I feel you whip the back of my legs with a flogger and then I feel it on my ass. I can feel my pussy begin to tingle. Next, I feel a crop whip me on the back and slide down my ass again.

Bondage submission

Bondage submission


Bondage submission takes such trust in both partners. To completely submit to another person is a special relationship like no other. I would love to find that with a man. To give all that I am to someone. When I find the right person, I will know. And the things I will let them do to me are unlimited.

                I will let you tie me up in all kinds of positions. But first, we must come up with a safe word. Tie me to the bed or chain me to the wall. However you decide to do it, I will fully submit. Let me get on my knees in front of you as I hold out my wrists for you.

                When you have me all tied up where I can’t do a thing, touch me. Cut off my clothing and touch or caress my tits. Reach down and play with my clit and finger my pussy fast. Make me scream and squirt everywhere!

Sexy bondage

Sexy bondage

Sexy bondage is a lot of fun. I think bondage and being tied up in rope is a beautiful work of art. You must be very precise in the way the knots are tied. The relationship between and Dom and a Sub during bondage is such a precious relationship. There must be complete trust between the two. To me, that bond is so sexy.

                Bondage is very erotic, and I love the way the rope feels against my bare skin. The best rope to use is smooth and satiny rope, not rough and frayed rope. It feels amazing against my tits and gets me so wet when it rubs against my tight, bald pussy.

                My favorite position to be in when you have me all tied up is being suspended up in the air. You can spin me around and I’m at the perfect height for those fingers of yours to go deep within my pussy and wiggle them around.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings

You know what one of my favorite sexual past times is? I love bare bottom spankings. When I’m such a bad, naughty girl, you love to bend me over your big strong knee and just let me have it. You have some strong knees and strong hands as well. With every single spank and hand slap that you give me, I let out a whimper and a jolt.

                After you are done spanking me over your knee, you take me to the basement where you hook me up to chains on the wall, with me facing the wall. You cut my panties off, leaving me bare and vulnerable. My legs are spread apart as well. I can feel my pussy start to tingle as I await your hand on my nice, round, plump ass. I feel that first hand smack and my ass jiggle with the force.

                You spank me over and over, using your hands, paddles, and floggers. After I count ten good, hard spanks, I lose count. The pain feels so good that I can’t help but to cum. After two amazing orgasms, you unchain me from the wall and I fall to the ground from being weak at the knees.

Bondage chat

Bondage chat


I’m feeling rather frisky tonight, are you up for some bondage chat? I love being tied up and the way those silk ropes feel against my wrists and bare skin. I walk into an abandoned building where I know our fun will begin. I see a mattress on the floor and a huge hook hanging from the ceiling. And I know this is really where the fun begins.

                I take my clothes off except for my panties and bra. You guide me over to the hook, where you wrap those ropes around my wrists, lift my arms high above my head, and attach the ropes over the hook. You slide your hands down my bare belly, and I wriggle in place and moan in pleasure. You proceed to continue tying me up with that feel-good rope.

                By now, you have me tied up so tight that I can hardly move. You have so many toys and contraptions that I swear I’m about to be tortured. The fact that I can’t move or get away is making me so dripping wet. I want it so bad, anything you can dish out, I can take.

Erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories


Good morning everyone! I want to hear some of your erotic submissive stories today. I have always been a submissive. I love being controlled by the right dom and submitting to his every request. I know this pleases him in the best way. I will do whatever I’m told, and there is nothing I will say no to.

                I love bondage and being tied up. I’m there in the most vulnerable way, just waiting for your next request/command. Put a blindfold on me to spice up the excitement. I’ll have no idea what’s going on or what’s coming for me next. I’m open to anything, and the freakier, the better!

                We could have so much fun and excitement once we started sharing our stories together. You can get as dark with me as you want to. I want to hear the most crazy, dark, seductive stories you have to offer. I want to get freaky with you. You can even put toys inside me. I’m all yours to do what you want to!

Master loves his Cum slut!

Cum slut phone sex


Master is always right.

Master says that I need more protein, so he is planning one of his naughty Bukkake parties for me. Master wants to make me have Cum slut phone sex and expose all of my slut tendencies and my need for copious amounts of jizz.

I am a Dirty Submissive slut!

I really am a dirty Submissive girl and I crave cum on a daily basis. Master is always having to punish me for playing with my hot little pussy. I forget to get permission and that makes him really angry at me. Impulse control he says in his firm deep voice as he places nipple clamps on my erect nipples.  Master then tightens the clamps causing me to wince in agony as he slaps my clit with the tip of his leather belt.

Just an imperfect slut waiting for some Cum!

One of these days I will learn to be a better girl but for now I am just a naughty cum whore waiting for my next gooey load!

My First Bukkake Experience with Master.

Erotic submissive stories

I love telling you all of my Erotic submissive stories and today I will share one that is very near and dear to my slutty little heart. My very first Bukkake party.

     Master Woke me up on a Sunday afternoon and simply told me that it was Sunday Funday, and I was to remain naked all day except for Collar, hand cuffs and ankle cuffs. Master loves surprises and that made my hot little pussy throb in anticipation of what he had secretly planned for me.

Master ignored me all day long leaving me on my knees dying to know what he has in store for me, around 7 pm the doorbell rang, and master told me to go to the red room, spread a sheet of plastic on it and to wait for him with my head down. I always obey so I did his bidding.

I heard talking and the doorbell ring a few more times but like any good slut I waited patiently.

Soon Master entered the room, and I heard several voices, Master instructed the men to undress and treat me like a whore. 7 men jacked off on me and used my mouth to masturbate themselves Calling me a submissive slut, submissive whore and cum guzzling bitch. That night and master made me sleep on that plastic sheet until 7 pm the night!

Prostate Milking A sissy whore with Master!

Prostate milking

We Made a Sissy 

I eyed my client cautiously as I set up her stall, making sure to turn the lights to their brightest setting. I had been hired by the mysterious but powerful Dominant male to help him take control over an insolent sissy whore, whom he wanted to punish for misbehaving with Bondage and Prostate milking.

I had heard of this particular Dominant’s reputation – he was known among their peers as someone who knew exactly how to bring his submissives to their knees – and I was both intrigued and nervous. I began by setting out the various instruments of pain that I knew he usually employed: the flogger, the riding crop, the paddle, and the various clamps and straps. The Naughty sissy was brought in and made to kneel in the center of the room, his head bowed in submission.

But when the Dominant moved to the sissy’s most private area – his prostate – the moaning and cries of pain and pleasure intensified. I knew this particular form of torment was used to elicit the greatest response from the sissy and I watched in awe as my client expertly milked his sissy’s prostate. The whores body visibly relaxed, and his panting and moaning became moans of pleasure and need, as the Dominant brought him to the peak of pleasure before finally releasing the sissy Bondage slut.

Ursa is the Ultimate Bondage whore!

Bondage chat

The Crotch Rope


I have been looking at Japanese bondage lately. There are so many different ways I want to try Bondage and submission. Are you up for some fun rope play? 


The one I want to try the most in English it translates to crotch rope. It anchors around the waist and a small line of rope runs down your abdomen over your pussy and asshole and up your back to your waist again. They normally use a thin piece of hemp.


Is your cock hard thinking about tying up my cunt? Having that rope pull and rub against my sensitive little snatch every time I move. Can we put it under my clothes and go out? A constant reminder that I belong to you. When we get home that rope will be soaked through, and I will be edged and ready. Maybe you can fuck me while you hold on to the rope. 

Bondage and submission