New Master, Mommy & Sky

milf phone sex

My new master makes my cunt drip; I rub it the whole time I am on the phone. I tell him all about my daughter Sky. She’s not quite old enough to get pregnant yet… but she does still do whatever I tell her to do. I even bring her into my room and tell her all about my master. The man she must listen to, the man she must submit to as well. I tell her she will watch Mommy get her throat fucked. She must watch as this man ties me and binds me all up. My Sky must watch as I get my cunt and ass and mouth all fucked over and over and then I must watch cuz it’s my little girl’s turn to learn how to be a cocksucking whore. Mommy’s going to see those tiny bald pussy lips being touched all over by my master as I lay bound up and gagged by a ball gag. She is trying to master sucking his cock but is really nothing but a helpless rag doll taking his cock all the way down her tiny little throat. He is loving it though, it’s clear by how hard he is fucking it! I think he likes making my little girl taste her Mommy’s juices…and soon I’ll be tasting his cum as he switches from my daughter back to me…his bondage whore.

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