Nothing More Erotic Than Being Bound

Female bondage

How did I become a bondage whore you ask? It all started innocently enough. I was in a high-powered executive in a company. I was overwhelmed by responsibility and burdens. One night I told my husband “I wish just once I was not in control, that all decisions did not rest on me, that someone else would take over for a while”. The next night I came home from my work mentally exhausted as usual. He greeted me with a beginner’s BDSM kit. He told me my wish was his command and that he was now in control. He would make each and every decision for me and my job was simply to obey. I was fascinated by his new attitude. When he tied the first knot, I was hooked! My mind became free. Suddenly, there was no worry, no concern, no over analyzing, or questioning. I simply had to obey and let him direct me. It was then that I discovered my true calling. I find that there is nothing more erotic or intense than the moment when I give myself over to my master – mind, body, and soul.

Bondage whore

Being bound makes me feel wanted. There is a certain symbolism in a man wanting a woman so much he literally shackles her. I live for the moments I am used to satiate your lust and desire. I love being proclaimed as your property. I am a mere fucktoy meant to be used, fucked, and taken. It is these times that you can and will do anything with me or to me in order to take care of your own lust and primal needs. Its completely animalistic when a man takes a woman so forcefully. It pleases me greatly knowing that you derive pleasure from my body. I’m focused totally on you and your movements. I am trying to figure out which toy you’re using next and where you’re going to use it. I live only to please you and be your human fucktoy. I submit to your every desire. I am your. Use me to satiate your lust. Fuck me and make me your possession.

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