Obedient Submissive Slave Angel

Slave Training

My last master was not as extreme as my new one. While my new master loves to lock me in my cage and piss on me, my old one loved fucking me while I was tied up and spanking my ass. Me, on the other hand, loves submitting and pleasing my master. That means I’m doing anything my master wants, including worshiping his thick, fat cock or drinking his warm piss through a straw. There’s no limit to what I’d do to please my master. Last night Master fed me his shit and cum covered cock. After he squirted his baby batter in my asshole, I shitted all over his cock. Master ordered me to clean it, and I licked it all up like any obedient fuck slave would. It always pleases my master when I do as I’m told and clean up our messes. I’ll be sure to please you too when I happily submit to all your perverted demands. 


    • Brad on December 17, 2021 at 7:28 am
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    Angle is a fucking great whore for my thick dick!

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