Obey Your Master


submissive whorePinch my tits and use me till I’m blue in the face. You’re my master, and I’m a little slave pet. I love to be put in my place. I belong on my knees worshiping you and making you feel like the king you are. I’m so sorry that I thought for a second my opinion mattered. I’m so excited to quit school and become your live-in slave. I want to make your life easier. It’s all about your needs and wants, and mine doesn’t matter. When you’re friends come over, I will bow and be of service. Whatever you want, I will do happily with a smile on my face. I have become quite obsessed with you spanking me till I’m black and blue. Hours of torture and abuse have made me crave it all the time. There’s no place I want to be but beneath you because I was born female, and I am naturally inferior and submissive and will no longer associate with anyone who believes the feminist notions. I’m all for women not even being allowed to vote. It’s true women are complete idiots and cum dumps. I’m your cum slut for life. My only job is to please you, master.

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