I Waited For My Punishment

submissive slutPain. It causes some extreme discomfort but for others, like me, it causes extreme pleasure. Master knows I crave pain and often calls me his hot little pain slut. I can’t deny it, but Master uses that against me sometimes. If I have been bad or he is feeling incredibly naughty he will tease me. Just like today. He called me and told me to be ready for him. I already knew what that mean. Naked but with hot stripper boots and a corset. I was all ready and my pussy was pulsating in anticipation.

He walked in and I was already in position. In the basement on all fours with my ass facing the stairs. He walked in and I looked back at his smiling. He picked up the switch I had placed beside me and held it against my bare ass. He could see my pussy glistening with wetness and laughed. He didn’t move the switch. He held it there as I waited for the strike, but it didn’t come. He told me there would be no spanking tonight and I would be forced to stay on all fours with the switch against my skin. Master can be so cruel, I bet you would have spanked me.

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