Odontophilia, anyone?

submissive whore

My Master loves my teeth. If I’ve been a good girl and used his favorite red lipstick, he ties me up and has me to lick my lips over and over while his cock grows to a size only true, uninhibited lust can bring. I make sure to bite my lip often showing him my pearly whites and he rewards me with placing my favorite vibrator right against my clit. He brings me right to the point of orgasm, and then stops. He’s a big tease, but so am I. I make sure to bite my lip continuously and flash him big smiles, encouraging him to reward me. Eventually, he demands that I open up and he rubs the head of his cock against my hyper white teeth. I can feel his cock throbbing, and when I flick my tongue out, he shoots a huge load of jizz into my mouth and onto my face. More rewards for this submissive whore!

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