Field trip

slave trainingWe arrive, and per my specific instructions I exit the back seat, step to the back of the vehicle, and kneel my bare knees in the gravel. He gathers what he wants, and comes to attach my leash. He walks me like his pet to the main building.
He leads me to a corner with a small woolen blanket on the cement. Some meal is brought to me by another slave in a small metal bowl. I remembered my lesson and I sat motionless, awaiting permission to eat what was before me.
After this, he leads me out to the field. There were wonderful set ups for binding, suspending, stretching, and yoking. Hoses and wires and ropes were hung neatly everywhere, next to displays of whips, chains, sharp implements, baseball bats, and hundreds of other random objects for insertion.
He tied me up to a PVC frame, and began connecting a hose, and gathering a bucket.
“We’re going to make yo good and clean today, whore.” he stated.
He filled my pussy and my ass with hoses, fastening them on. He turned them on slow, so they steadily filled my body with freezing cold water that began oozing out from my cunt and asshole. Filling the bucket from the spring tap, he threw bucketful after bucketful of icy cold mountain water all over my body. My skin was bright pink and red, stinging hard from the cold water and air. But I was a good slut, I didn’t squeak or squirm.
Master then walked around me, grabbing the hoses and working them further and further into me, releasing bursts of water from both my love holes, till it felt I would burst. My ass and cunt began gripping and spasming, I struggled to hold back the orgasm that threatened to overpower me.
Once he was satisfied with my cleanliness, he removed the hoses, stepped to my face and said “you did well, pet. You may have your reward.” And placed his beautiful cock before my face. “You may cum with me.
He is so very good to me, I wish he was my forever master. Maybe you’ll be here somewhere, and will want to adopt me?

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