Off To Masters Dungeon!

Bondage Whore

Master commanded me to drive to his place in my slave clothes and my mask all for the purpose of displaying my obedience! My heart was racing as I drove through the busy downtown on my way to Master’s house in broad daylight. I hoped I would get pulled over, that I would be forced to parade my ass in the street in my slave clothes but I arrived to master’s place without any trouble. When I got out of the car, he told me to kneel on the ground until he came to me, with my hands behind my head I waited. When Master finally came out, he hooked a leash on my collar and I crawled behind him into the house. He bent me over his lap and began to spank me, God, I was getting so wet, I could feel my ass turning red. He slid his finger down between my cunt lips and I was amazed at how good it felt, how gently he touched my cunny. Master said I was a good slut before he jammed his cock in me. He rode me like the worthless fuck pig that I am, I finally felt complete.

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