Oh, What Would You Do?

Submissive Whore

I’m a curious submissive whore, and right now I am curious about Masters intentions. I sit here awaiting my Master with the cuffs and ball gag he has gifted me. I’m super curious what kind of kinky game my Master has for me. Since I am stuck alone and will be subjected to his orders via the phone it’s always intriguing what my Masters bring my way. I was emailed a giftcard and instructions on what to order, and as I always do I followed Masters orders to the tee. So now I shall see Today just what is in store for me. I have the bowl of ice cubes in the freezer as well. The most intriguing part is not knowing how this will play out if I am wearing a ball gag. But I always do what Master Jay wants me to do. I also have the leather paddle, nipple clamps and bengay.

Slave training

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