On Display

BDSM phone sex

Master is such an artistic soul. He owns a studio in the downtown arts district and regularly puts up performance artists, groundbreaking pieces and exclusive events! Master has always said I’m his muse and when he told me I was going to be his latest performance masterpiece, I got so excited! But then when I got to the studio, master stripped me down, tied me up with a large anal hood and placed me front in center! I couldn’t move at all! Then I realized- the performance was on me. My cunt was on display and Master’s patrons were performing on me! One by one, patrons came up to my display and fucked my cunt raw. The studio was open to the public and I, the whore on display, was the showcase piece of art. I was pumped and fucked over and over again! The grand finale of the performance was a collection cup full of all the cum oozing out of my cunt that I was forced to drink. The “fruits of my labor” master said. Critics hailed Master’s show.

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