On My Knees

Submissive slutMaster, you make me crawl around on my hands and knees with a leash and collar around my neck. I’m your pet, your plaything, and your submissive slut. My job is to obey your every command. I have to keep my head down, there’s no eye contact between us. The only time I’m allowed to look you in the eyes is when I’m on my knees sucking on your cock. The house has to be spotless and food cooked to your specifications. If I make you unhappy, Master, you make me lay across your lap, pull my panties down, and spank my bottom red. When the spanking is over you bend me over the side of the sofa and fuck my wet pussy. Your cock feels so good sliding in and out of tight pussy. I beg for you to fuck me harder. Master, I love you. Bend over, Master, let me lick your asshole to prove my devotion.

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