On this Labor Day

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Being a submissive whore is shaping up the best holiday so far this year! Strapped to a table is where I belong, and as soon as my master arrived he took me straight to the dungeon. As I lay there waiting for him to begin the glorious torture I knew was coming, all I could think about was how much I loved being at his mercy, being used and pleasing him.

My pussy got wetter by the minute, and he left me there for a very long time, letting my anticipation grow. When he finally returned, he had several people with him and a long vibrator attached to a metal rod. As the audience got situated, he set up the device and turned it on. My body shook with the most intense orgasm almost immediately!

Moments later, another orgasm came, dizzying my head and making it difficult to breathe. I could feel another one coming, and with its intensity, I squirted girlie cum all over my audience!

I pleased my master today.

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