Ready and waiting

submissive whoreI had a special present waiting for you today. As his favorite PSO, I make it my personal mission to find new ways to surprise you, isn’t that what any good submissive should do? I’ve gotten really good at learning how to tie myself up, and you’re such a wonderful master for teaching me! I bind my legs first, so that I’m sitting on the floor, on my knees. I put on my blindfold, and your favorite gag. Then i bind my hands tightly behind my back. You seemed to love how deeply I could get the rope to bite into my flesh. I want to be a good little submissive whore, just like you taught me. I’m so excited, I can feel the hot liquid of my desires oozing through my panties you got for me, last time I was a good girl. I can’t wait to find out what new punishments and treats you have in store for me tonight!

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